Business In Mohave County

In recognizing the fundamental importance of every business and the significance of each paycheck earned, it becomes evident that the government should refrain from unnecessary interference in the free exchange of goods and services among citizens. It is essential to uphold the principles of economic liberty, allowing local business owners the autonomy to establish their own terms and conditions, fostering an environment that encourages growth and prosperity.

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Moreover, I am firmly committed to advocating for the reduction of fees and regulations that impose undue burdens on businesses operating within Mohave County. The current landscape should be reevaluated to identify and rectify any unnecessary barriers that hinder the smooth functioning of businesses and impede their ability to thrive.

By rolling back excessive fees and regulations, we can create an environment that is conducive to economic development and entrepreneurship. Streamlining the processes and minimizing bureaucratic obstacles will allow businesses to flourish, fostering innovation, job creation, and increased prosperity for our community.

I firmly believe that when businesses are granted the freedom to operate without unnecessary government interference, it stimulates healthy competition, encourages consumer choice, and contributes to the overall economic well-being of Mohave County. As a dedicated advocate, I will work tirelessly to ensure that our local business community can thrive, providing a solid foundation for the growth and success of our entire region.

Election integrity

In my commitment to serve our community with transparency and fairness, I firmly believe that the cornerstone of our republic lies in the integrity of our elections. Ensuring that every vote is counted accurately and that all voting processes are conducted transparently is not just a priority;

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it is a fundamental duty. As your county representative, I pledge to support robust election integrity measures, including the enforcement of voter ID laws, the implementation of secure voting systems, clear, accessible voting procedures for all, and the advocacy for ballot hand counting to ensure the utmost accuracy and trust in our election results.
Election integrity is not a partisan issue; it is a cornerstone of our constitutional rights. It ensures trust in our political system and empowers citizens to engage in governance with confidence. Voter ID laws and ballot hand counting are necessary to protect our county and our country from fraud, ensuring that every vote cast is legitimate and true. In our county, I will strive to foster a culture of accountability and inclusiveness in the voting process. By promoting comprehensive voter education and ensuring equitable access to voting, we can uphold our constitutional rights and strengthen the fabric of our republic. Together, let’s commit to maintaining the sanctity of our elections, for the strength of our community and the health of our republic.

Gun Rights

The Second Amendment’s role extends beyond personal defense; it is a foundational element of American liberty, ensuring that the populace possesses the means to resist tyranny and preserve freedom. This constitutional right is a pillar of our national identity and individual autonomy, and it is my commitment to protect this right without compromise.

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In our county, I will stand against any initiatives that aim to dilute our gun rights or restrict law-abiding citizens’ access to firearms. The right to bear arms is a critical component of our country’s framework, designed to prevent governmental overreach and to secure the personal liberties of every citizen.
Maintaining the integrity of the Second Amendment is essential for safeguarding the principles upon which our nation was built. As your county representative, I will tirelessly defend our constitutional gun rights against any form of infringement. I believe in a straightforward approach to upholding our freedoms, ensuring that every law-abiding individual retains their right to bear arms as enshrined in our Constitution. We must remain vigilant and steadfast in the face of challenges to our liberties, and I pledge to be a resolute guardian of our rights and freedoms.


I support the property owners within the Golden Valley Improvement District in their opposition to exorbitant rates and overly expensive capital projects. If elected, I will prioritize public welfare and act with the consent of the governed, including property owners and rate payers in all improvement districts. It is essential to provide transparency, oversight, and accountability to fulfill the needs of these individuals.

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Ensuring a reliable and secure water supply for residential property owners is of utmost importance, which is why I will actively collaborate with the Legislature and the Arizona Department of Water Resources. Together, we will work towards efficient management of various water-intensive activities such as  large-scale mining operations, commercial power generating projects that utilize steam turbines, and alfalfa farms. By focusing on the  high-volume water consumers, we can implement strategies and policies that ensure the long-term sustainability of our water resources. Through effective coordination and proactive measures, we will strive to guarantee an uninterrupted water supply for residential properties, fostering stability and peace of mind for our community members.

Public Lands

I am a strong advocate for legislation that would restore state control over federally mismanaged land, by following the guidelines set by the American Lands Council. The current state of being landlocked hinders our prosperity and economic growth. It is concerning that a significant portion, 38.6% or approximately 28.1 million acres, of land in Arizona is owned by the federal government.
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The land distribution among federal agencies further underscores the need for change. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) controls 43.2% of the federal land, while the Forest Service (FS) oversees 39.8%, the National Park Service (NPS) manages 9.5%, the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) handles 6%, and the Department of Defense (DOD) maintains 1.6%.

It is unacceptable to passively witness the majority of our public land being restricted by federal alphabet agencies. The bureaucracy imposed by these agencies often results in leasing land to foreign companies without paying proper taxes, further diminishing our economic potential. By restoring state control over federal public land, we can reduce the tax burden on our citizens.

Public lands belong to everyone, and I strongly oppose the conversion of our precious desert habitat into “green energy” solar farms and wind farms. These projects not only mar the landscape but also encroach upon the natural habitat of our native wildlife. Restoring state control over federally mismanaged land is crucial for responsible land management, protecting our valuable ecosystems, and unlocking the economic potential that has been hindered by bureaucratic restrictions.


As your County Supervisor, one of my primary responsibilities will be to prioritize the enhancement and maintenance of roads in District 4. I am fully dedicated to advocating for the necessary funding to address crucial road projects within our district. It is essential to exercise fiscal prudence by avoiding unnecessary expenses that only benefit a select few, ensuring that taxpayer dollars are utilized judiciously.

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I wholeheartedly pledge to support and vote in favor of the betterment of Mohave County’s roads. This decision is of paramount importance from a public safety perspective, as it guarantees that our roads receive the adequate attention and maintenance they require to ensure the well-being of our community members. Rest assured, I am steadfast in my commitment to fulfilling this crucial obligation.


Rest assured that I will consistently oppose any efforts to raise your taxes. My unwavering commitment lies in advocating for a fiscally responsible budget that avoids unnecessary expansion of the government. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve as a fervent advocate, actively working towards lowering your taxes. This way, you can retain a larger portion of your hard-earned money, especially during these challenging economic times

Public Safety

If elected, I will stand unwaveringly in support of the Mohave County Sheriff’s Department, committed to ensuring they receive the necessary funding they deserve. I wholeheartedly believe in allocating adequate financial resources and essential assets to empower our Sheriff’s Department to carry out their crucial duties effectively. It is truly disheartening to witness the existing underfunding that our Sheriff’s Department faces, posing challenges to their ability to maintain public safety. Especially in these trying economic times, we must be mindful not to sacrifice the security of our community by redirecting resources towards unnecessary government growth. Recognizing our interdependence, it is imperative to approach budget cuts with a comprehensive understanding that prioritizes the well-being and safety of our residents.