In the heart of Mohave County Supervisor District 4, there’s a Republican candidate making waves and his name is Logan Marsh. Now, here’s a man who understands the backbone of American prosperity isn’t found in the bloated bureaucracy of government overreach but in the hardworking law enforcement officers, the tireless small business owners, and the very fabric of our community’s infrastructure and safety. Marsh is throwing down the gauntlet, committing to bolster public safety not just with empty promises but with real resources, training, and funding funneled directly to the Sheriff’s Office, and fostering a relationship with law enforcement that’s based on mutual respect and understanding, not antagonism.

And let’s talk about small businesses—the lifeblood of our economy. Marsh isn’t just paying lip service to economic growth; he’s laying out a plan to slash the suffocating red tape and cut the punitive taxes that have been hamstringing our entrepreneurs. He’s envisioning a Mohave County where businesses aren’t just surviving but thriving, creating jobs, and propelling economic prosperity.

But it doesn’t stop there. Infrastructure isn’t just a buzzword for Logan Marsh; it’s a commitment to future-proofing our community. We’re talking about turning our roads from relics of the past into pathways of progress, expanding broadband to connect us all, and enhancing public facilities that serve every one of us.

Now, onto the government’s favorite pastime—wasteful spending. Marsh is ready to take a scalpel to the budget, streamlining operations and tackling the financial deficit head-on, proving that fiscal responsibility isn’t just possible, it’s essential.

And in a move that might surprise some, Marsh isn’t ignoring the environment. He’s advocating for sustainable practices and conservation efforts that ensure Mohave County remains a place our children can be proud to inherit.

Logan Marsh is extending an invitation, not just to join a campaign, but to be part of a movement—a Republican movement that champions conservative values, community support, and positive change in Mohave County Supervisor District 4. This isn’t just about one election; it’s about setting a course for the future that reflects our shared values and priorities.


Public Safety

Public Safety and Law Enforcement Excellence: Logan Marsh’s campaign focuses on ensuring the safety and well-being of Mohave County residents by prioritizing law enforcement. The first pillar involves providing crucial resources, training, and funding to the Sheriff’s Office. Marsh aims to build positive relationships with law enforcement, creating a secure environment for the community.


Pro-Business Policies for Economic Prosperity: The second pillar centers on fostering economic growth through pro-business policies. Marsh advocates for reducing regulations and lowering taxes to create a business-friendly environment. By supporting small businesses, he aims to stimulate economic prosperity and job creation, contributing to the overall well-being and vitality of Mohave County.


Infrastructure Development for Sustainable Growth: The third pillar underscores the importance of investing in infrastructure to facilitate sustainable growth. Marsh is committed to enhancing transportation networks, expanding broadband access, and improving public facilities. This pillar aims to attract businesses, enhance residents’ quality of life, and position Mohave County as a thriving and forward-looking community.



Kingman Republican Women

Feb 5th | 1PM | 1990 Jagerson Ave at the College Park Church

Fundraiser @ Red Cellar Bistro

April 20th | 12pm to 3pm | Bison & Beef Ribeye, Wine by KBrick, Raffle and fun! $70/per person. Reservations preferred, email to, or text (916) 607-8350



June 29th (Saturday) | Hualapai Mnt Park #1 | 10am to 3pm

I am happy to be a co-sponsor and guest speaker at this event. Hope to see you all there! – Logan Marsh

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